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February 18 2019


Student ‘barred from free speech debate for saying women don’t have penises’

A student who was called transphobic after re-tweeting ‘women don’t have penises’ has been excluded from a free speech debate at Bristol university over ‘security concerns’. Many were unhappy with Angelos Sofocleous after he posted the statement on his social media account last August. The tweet led to him being sacked from his role as president of Humanist Students and assistant editor of Durham University’s philosophy society journal.

Mr Sofocleous had hoped to take part in a panel hosted by Bristol University’s Free Speech Society on Wednesday but he claims to have been ‘de-platformed’. He wrote in the Spectator: ‘I was looking forward to addressing these points at a panel event this week on ‘free speech on campus’ organised by the University of Bristol free speech society. ‘Unfortunately, I’ve now been de-platformed,’ Mr Sofocleous also tweeted: ‘Nothing could provide a more ironic indication of the current status of social justice orthodoxy in academia than banning a speaker from an event titled “Free speech on campus”.’

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February 13 2019

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NWA Schweiz
  AKWs - energetisch ineffizient wegen der aufwändigen Uranoxid-Herstellung. Neue Töne aus der Basler Zeitung seit dem Besitzerwechsel.

February 12 2019

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February 11 2019

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February 09 2019

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February 06 2019

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